Who’d have thought, after all the salutes and profiles of the man — to say nothing of his own autobiographical film, All That Jazz — that there would be anything of interest left to say about the late dancer-choreographer Bob Fosse?

But Bob Fosse: Steam Heat does it. The hour is helped greatly by the presence of his former wife and dance partner, Gwen Verdon, who for the first time speaks publicly about Fosse, who died in 1987 at age 60.

Verdon doesn’t bother with sentimental anecdotes; she homes in on precise technical descriptions of what made Fosse a great choreographer.

Combine this with not only footage from well-known Fosse works such as Damn Yankees, Sweet Charity, and Chicago, but also rare, enthralling scenes of the man as a boy dancer on old variety series such as The Garry Moore Show and Cavalcade of Stars, and you have a fine documentary. A-