''Longtime Companion,'' ''The Little Mermaid,'' and Randy Quaid made news this week

See the Movie, Take the Ride
Move over, Mickey, some permanent Hollywood guests are arriving soon at Disneyland and Disney World. Rides, shops, and musical revues based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dick Tracy, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids are in the works as well as — gasp! — an Indiana Jones stunt extravaganza.

AIDS Drama
Longtime Companion, a film about the impact of AIDS on a group of gay men, has been acquired by the Samuel Goldwyn Co. for theatrical release in March or April. Produced by American Playhouse, the drama stirred strong audience emotions at the Sundance U.S. Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and took home the People’s Choice award.

Sand Dollars
Disney’s animated aquatic hit, The Little Mermaid, has serious sea legs. Not only has it broken box-office records but its spicy calypso-flavored soundtrack featuring Sebastian the crab and his band of hot crustaceans has shipped more than 1 million copies.

A Lotta Lambada
Lambada, the pelvis-punishing Brazilian dirty-dance craze that’s heating up the U.S. this winter, has sent two production companies whirling. Cannon’s Lambada — The Movie and 21st Century’s Lambada: The Forbidden Dance are hustling to get into theaters before the trend starts rubbing everyone the wrong way.

Shear Burton
Post-Batman, Tim Burton heads back into Beetlejuice territory with his next feature: Edward Scissorhands, about a guy with shears for mitts who moves in with a typical American family.

Sequel Watch 1990
Another 48 HRS
Young Guns II
Back to the Future Part III
Gremlins 2
RoboCop 2

Pennzoil Pals
Randy Quaid joins Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, an auto-racing star vehicle from director Tony (Top Gun) Scott, due this summer.

Racial Facial
After enduring a Caucasian cinematic habitation for the past 60 years, detective Charlie Chan finally will be portrayed by a real Asian actor. Tony award winner (M. Butterfly) B.D. Wong should add a little credibility to the Confucius-spouting pop icon’s white bread legacy — Warner Oland, Sidney Toler, Roland Winters, and Peter Ustinov — when he takes to the screen in Fred Levinson’s upcoming film Chan.

What a Croc
Paul (”Crocodile” Dundee) Hogan and constant costar Linda Kozlowski have teamed up once again for a new comedy, Almost an Angel. Plot details are confidential so far, but rest assured that the film is definitely not Croc III.

Misery‘s Company
A best-selling author, played by James Caan, is held captive by a crazed fan in director Rob Reiner’s Misery, scripted by William (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) Goldman from the Stephen King novel.

Wim Wanders
When Wim Wenders goes on location, he really goes on location. The German director (Wings of Desire) is gearing up to shoot Until the End of the World, a $20 million futurists ”Hitchcockian love story” spanning 17 countries on 5 continents. William Hurt heads the film’s globe-trotting cast.

Weird Chemistry
Farrah Fawcett restokes a married Gene Wilder’s unrequited high school fire in director Leonard Nimoy’s as yet untitled new film. Set for late summer release.

Adult Entertainment
In spite of the bumper crop of couch potatoes, the seduction of the VCR, and increasingly pricey movie tickets, three recent research studies show an increase in moviegoing by adults ages 30-40.

Silent Stargazing
Academy Award-winning director Sir Richard Attenborough (Gandhi) is starting work on a biopic about another 20th-century icon — Hollywood’s King of Comedy, Charlie Chaplin.