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Carved in Sand

The Joneses Hard (Atlantic; all formats) Honest rockers, getting their big break after years in the clubs. There’s nothing new about their sound, but they have guts and honesty — they hang their hearts right on their tattered sleeves — and that ought to be all they need. B+

The Havalinas The Havalinas (Elektra; all formats) They have a really solid, catchy roots sound. And then they have their political harangues. Which are sincere, but obvious — and just won’t stop. C-

Richard Barone Primal Dream (MCA; all formats) Alternative rocker gone pop. Guess he means it: He’s giving us nice tunes, but not much more. C

Mike Oldfield Earth Moving (Virgin; all formats) Oh, it’s pretty. But yuk, it’s so sentimental. And sententious. C-

The Mission U.K. Carved in Sand (Polygram; CD, T) Intense, with a spiky alternative edge. So how can they be so sappy? C-

Carved in Sand
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