This is the very special episode in which a new alien baby joins the show’s alien family, and, as always with Alien Nation, the supposedly surprising, profound plot twists are utterly predictable.

In the world of these so-called Newcomers, it’s the man who gives birth. Stop it, stop it — you’re blowin’ my mind, you crazy Fox network!

Lot’s of jokes are made here about how pregnant alien policeman George (Eric Piermont) has swollen ankles, his back is killing him, and his taste buds are wonky (”I used to love the smell of tripe — now I can’t stand it”). His pals throw him a baby shower, and he starts sobbing about how fat and unattractive he is.

Still, despite the corniness of everything that precedes it, I would be sure to tune in for the last five minutes, when George actually has the baby. He gives birth prematurely (of course), and his human cop partner, Matt (Gary Graham), has to deliver the baby (of course). The thing is George’s labor is surprisingly intense and gratifyingly, realistically yucky for network television, and the baby is as cute as the dickens.

Hey, do you think if the ratings go through the roof with this episode, ”Married… With Children” will do a dream sequence with Al Bundy having a baby? C+