Twin Peaks: 9 Exclusive First Look Photos

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The Owls May Not Be What They Seem

David Lynch (far right) is directing all 18 parts of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival. But who are Jake Wardle and James Marshall (right) playing? No one will say officially. We can't even confirm Marshall is reprising his original role of James Hurley. Theory! The new Twin Peaks is secretly a Spike Jonze-directed consciousness-swapping comedy. Call it: Being David Lynch.

Mädchen Amick and Peggy Lipton

Amick looks like Shelly Johnson, waitress at the Double R Diner. Lipton looks like Norma Jennigs, the eatery's owner. If the place ain't still serving damn good coffee and cherry pie, there'll be BOB to pay.

David Duchovny

If this picture takes you by surprise, then you've clearly never met Denise Bryson. Rectify that mistake right now by watching Duchovny's breakout guest stint in the second season of Twin Peaks.

David Lynch and Miguel Ferrer

In the original Twin Peaks, Lynch played loud-talking, hearing-impaired FBI honcho Gordon Cole and Ferrer portrayed abrasive FBI lab genius Albert Rosenfield. Ferrer's appearance in the revival will be bittersweet: the actor died in January.

Kimmy Robertson and Harry Goaz

She was Lucy, quirky receptionist at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. He was Deputy Andy, sensitive cop who couldn't behold a dead body without crying. Are they still a couple in the revival?

Michael Horse

If anyone can find long-lost Agent Cooper in the mystical woods of Twin Peaks, it's probably the character Horse played in the original: Deputy Hawk, who was wise about the ancient mythology of the White Lodge and Black Lodge.

217 Actors...

Wendy Robie is rocking her Nadine eye patch. Everett McGill is looking mean as Big Ed Hurley. And James, where the heck did your hair go? You just had some a few pics ago!

...400 Pages of Script...

Sheryl Lee looks haunted as the murdered Laura Palmer. Kyle MacLachlan looks resolute as Agent Cooper. Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne looks like she finally got her man. And Lynch? Well, he's just smokin'.

...1 Log Lady.

Madchen Amick is getting sexy with her pie. Dana Ashbrook looks grizzled-tough as bad boy Bobby Briggs. And Peggy Lipton just abides as Norma Jennings.

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