The cast and creators announced the renewal at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday

By Christian Holub
July 21, 2018 at 10:45 PM EDT

Never fear, Earpers. Purgatory still has a long future ahead of it. Just one day after season 3 of Wynonna Earp premiered on Syfy, the cast and creators announced at their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday that the feminist supernatural Western had already been renewed for season 4.

Based on Beau Smith’s comic series of the same name, Wynonna Earp follows the title character (played by Melanie Scrofano) as she carries on her great-great-grandfather Wyatt Earp’s legacy of fighting for the law — though, in the strange Western town of Purgatory, that often means battling monsters like undead revenants.

Though it flew under the radar for its first season, Wynonna Earp soon developed a strong base of fans who call themselves Earpers. In a recent interview with EW ahead of the season 3 premiere, showrunner Emily Andras credited the show’s longevity to the passion of Earpers.

“Season 3 just feels like a gift,” Andras told EW. “It feels like, ‘Oh my God, we made it, it’s a real show,’ which sounds crazy. I think in this landscape that getting three seasons is remarkable. I have to tell you, that is 99 percent due to the enthusiasm of the Earper fandom. They’re loud, they’re doing Wynonna Earp conventions, they’re constantly on social media making art and cosplay. Part of the benefit of being on Friday nights was we really created this live-tweet party environment where everyone would get their whiskey and donuts and we’d all live-tweet together, and we’d cry over the show and make fun of the show. In a weird way, I feel like this belongs to the fandom.”

Season 3 of Wynonna Earp is currently airing new episodes every Friday on Syfy.