June 12, 2018 at 09:45 AM EDT

There are times to bemoan TV’s current revival mania (Last Man Standing, Fox? Really?) and there are times to embrace it with open arms and jazz hands.

Now that NBC’s revival of Will & Grace has proven to be a hit (once again), star Debra Messing says she’s open to revisiting another beloved NBC series — the short-lived Broadway drama Smash. “I loved the first season of Smash,” said Messing during a recent chat on EW’s Chasing Emmy podcast. “It was really about making a Broadway show, and there was something thrilling about pulling back the curtain, like The Wizard of Oz.”

Though Smash lasted for two seasons, NBC replaced the original showrunner, Theresa Rebeck, before the second season, which resulted in what Messing calls a “schizophrenic” tone to the second batch of episodes. “It became a different show – it became younger and sexier, and it was just different,” she recalled. “A lot of people loved that version of it, but it got schizophrenic.”

If the network were to embark on some kind of Smash revival — something NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt discussed earlier this year — Messing would definitely be on board, with one condition. “If we were able to come back for like a finite number of episodes… [and] if the original team came together, I think that would be a ball,” she said, adding that she’d relish the chance to “dip in and see where all these characters were.”

To hear more from Messing about the problems with Smash season 2 — as well as the painful-sounding injury she sustained shooting one of the funniest physical gags from this season of Will & Grace — listen to the full Chasing Emmy podcast above. And for more Emmy news and interviews, subscribe to the podcast here.

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