May 20, 2018 at 01:17 AM EDT

If there was one unexpected star from Saturday’s royal wedding, it had to be Chicago bishop Michael Curry. Naturally, he found the time to offer a little postmortem on Saturday Night Live.

Played by Kenan Thompson, Curry appeared opposite Michael Che on “Weekend Update,” armed with plenty of quips and energy to spare. “What’s up, Michael?” he began. “It is good to be around black folks again.”

The pair covered a host of topics related to Curry’s past, as well as his feelings about performing the royal wedding: “It felt like somebody opened up a chicken and waffles kiosk in the middle of a Pottery Barn.” And of course, this was the first royal wedding he’d ever performed; indeed, it was quite a step up from his previous top gig. “I’m a black preacher from Chicago,” Curry explained. “The biggest wedding I did [before] was for Scottie Pippen.”

Che noted that Curry earned excellent reviews for his impassioned preaching at the wedding, before adding that a few thought he ran a little long. Curry, however, had no problem indulging a little bit. Smirking, he told Che, “They told me I had five minutes, but the good Lord multiplied it to a cool 16!”

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