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James Hibberd
May 10, 2018 at 10:14 AM EDT

Westworld actor Simon Quarterman confirms a major character is set to return.

The actor who plays arrogant writer Lee Sizemore on the HBO drama, spoke to EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham about the second season, below:

Quarterman confirms that Shannon Woodward — who plays sassy Delos programmer Elsie Hughes on the show — is coming back (and sooner than you might think).

EW first reported the character was returning a while ago, yet many viewers assume Elsie is dead given that she vanished near the end of season 1, hasn’t been seen since, and was last seen being throttled by Bernard when he was under Dr. Ford’s control.

John P. Johnson/HBO

“Oh, she is! … that’s out, I can say that,” Quarterman says. “Elsie is alive. We’re allowed to say that, I think.”

Westworld airs on Sunday nights on HBO. Check out our deep-dive recap of the most recent episode.

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