USAopoly, Inc.
March 12, 2018 at 06:15 PM EDT

Samurai Jack has no problem traveling through time, and soon he’ll be traveling even further — out of the TV screen and straight into your living room. This summer, USAopoly is releasing a tabletop board game based on Genndy Tartakovsky’s time-traveling samurai cartoon, which recently returned after a long hiatus for a darker season 5.

Samurai Jack: Back to the Past follows the time travel premise of the show. Just as Jack tries to find a way back to his own time from the dystopian cyberpunk nightmare future he was sent to by his enemy Aku, players will move along the board and strive to defeat various villains while finishing with the most Honor. There are Allies, Traits, and Weapons to use, but Jack’s Sanity must also be guarded during his adventure. Different game pieces are modeled after Jack, Aku, and other characters like Ashi, the Scotsman, Monkey Man, Sir Rothchild, and Max.

Samurai Jack: Back to the Past will retail for $34.95 this summer and accommodates two to five players, aged 13 and up. Check out some exclusive preview images below.


USAopoly, Inc.
USAopoly, Inc.

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