Natalie Portman encourages a child's dark side with eerie dolls in cut SNL sketch

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“Some kids’ gut instinct is to ‘go dark.’ Why not embrace it?”

During Natalie Portman’s latest stint as host of Saturday Night Live, she was cast in a faux ad to promote the “perfect toys for children with a flair for the dramatic”: My Little Stepchildren.

“I bought my kid a doll and I asked her, ‘Lisa, are you her mommy?’ and she said, ‘Mommy? Where’s the drama in that? I’m her wicked step-mommy,'” explains Portman’s character.

Children can act out various scenarios with their Stepchildren, including locking away their birth certificates, sending them to boarding school, and throwing letters from their birth mother into a fire.

This past Saturday was the first time Portman had hosted SNL in 12 years. Read our full recap of the episode here.

Watch the cut-for-time sketch above.