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January 17, 2018 AT 11:01 PM EST
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UPDATE: Monica Potter later posted a second Instagram message explaining that she is not pregnant but wanted to “create a platform to share stories” about colitis and other gastrointestinal issues and to “stress the importance of getting regular check-ups with your gastroenterologist or family physician.”

Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes. I’m not pregnant but wanted to shed some light on some issues we all may deal with, especially women. It’s never really talked about because it’s not sexy, pretty, our glamorous to say the least, so I decided to share a photo to possibly inspire my friends (you), create a platform to share stories, and rely on each other for support and guidance. I’ve had colitis for almost 2 years and sometimes when I get flareups it’s painful and frustrating, so for all of you who suffer from colitis or other abdominal issues, please know you’re not alone. I’m going for a check up on Friday and following up with colonoscopy this month. I want to stress the importance of getting regular check-ups with your gastroenterologist or family physician. I hope this open discussion will lead to many other things we face as women, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and every role we take on. Take time for yourself and go get checked. Even if you’re not having issues it’s important. Please note that I am not sponsored by anyone but me – I did this on my own, and just wanted to share. That being said, a huge thank you to these foundations that are bringing awareness and guidance to all of us for better health💜 #colon #colonoscopy #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #americanmedicalassociation #clevelandclinic #crohncolitisawareness #crohnsdisease #livehealthy #womenshealth #prevention #health

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Monica Potter may be expecting her fourth child – at least she has fans thinking so.

The 46-year-old Parenthood alum — she starred as Kristina Braverman on the six-season NBC dramedy — posted a picture of her protruding belly on Instagram Wednesday suggesting she and husband, Daniel Christopher Allison, are expecting their second child together.

Sharing a photo of herself cradling her stomach, Potter wrote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, “I have something to share…”

Representatives for Potter did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for confirmation that she was expecting.

I have something to share…

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Potter and Allison, an Orthopedic Surgeon at USC County Hospital, are parents to 12-year-old daughter, Molly Brigid. The actress was previously married to Tom Potter (1990-98), with whom she has two grown sons: Liam, 23, and Daniel, 27.

Potter’s post did not definitively say she is expecting another child, but fans immediately sent congratulatory messages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where she had posted the snap.

In 2009, Potter spoke of the gap in her kids’ ages, joking to PEOPLE that, “I have one every decade. So I started in my teens, then I had one in my 20s, and then my 30s. Enough now. No more.” At the time, she admitted that if she got the urging for more children, she would “adopt one.”

Three years later, the actress shared in 2012 that varying tastes for the screen is the toughest part about having kids with a large age gap between them.

“What makes me sad is that I can’t get them all to see the same movie unless it’s something we can all relate to. I’ll take Molly to see a movie that the boys are just not into at all. And she can’t watch certain things that they watch,” she said at the time.

She also discussed the importance of allowing one’s children to make mistakes in life.

“I just feel like if you try to raise your kids the right way — give them room to make mistakes, but also guide them in a direction that you hope to see them go — that’s all you can ask for,” she shared. “You can’t control them your whole life.”

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