Paul Hebert/ABC
Maureen Lee Lenker
January 15, 2018 at 09:01 PM EST

The Bachelor producers have schemed up odd dates over the years, but they took things to hair-raising new heights on Monday night’s episode when they forced a group of women vying for Bachelor Arie’s heart to compete in wrestling matches (oh, wait, sorry, “wrestling fights”).

On the wrestling date, the women present learned some moves from the ladies of GLOW (not Alison Brie, but actual lady wrestlers from the 1980s). Little Egypt, the gorgeous lady of wrestling leading the lesson, was not there for any fun and games, and her tactics immediately attracted some online ire.

But nothing received more attention than a moment when she had her fellow instructor pull contestant Tia’s ponytail until Tia became so angry she cried.

Twitter was not having it, erupting in a chorus of criticism, calling out the instructor for pulling a woman’s ponytail for no perceptible reason. Leading the charge was former Bachelor contestant (and Tia’s Arkansas BFF) Raven Gates.

Read on for a sampling of tweets.

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