January 03, 2018 at 03:06 PM EST

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The Price Is Right upped the ante on Wednesday in celebration of Plinko’s 35th anniversary, and it definitely paid off for one very lucky contestant.

In honor of the anniversary, the show increased the total amount of winnings on the board, so that chips would land on $0, $350, $3,500, or $35,000. Given the number of chips the player was given, that’s an increase from a $50,000 possible amount up for grabs to $175,000!

Contestant Ryan Glass of Century City, Calif., managed to get the most out of the increase, with chips landing on $35,000, $3,500, and twice on $350, for a grand total of $39,200, an all-time Price Is Right record.

Plinko first appeared on The Price Is Right on Jan. 3, 1983, introduced by legendary host Bob Barker. Glass topples the previous record, held by another Ryan who won $31,500 on the usual board.

Watch Glass’s big win above.

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