Nashville: Deacon and Jessie are a couple now in season 6 trailer

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Will Deacon find happiness? Is Juliette joining a cult? Why is Will using steroids? There are so many questions surrounding the latest trailer for Nashville‘s upcoming sixth and final season.

The trailer shows just about everyone embarking on a new adventure, whether it’s Scarlett’s journey to find herself again, Deacon’s new relationship with Jessie, or Avery, Will, and Gunnar forming a country boy band. And, of course, with every new adventure comes new drama. That’s where we get Daphne disapproving of Jessie, Juliette connecting with newcomer Darius, the founder of a self-actualization movement, and Maddie dealing with love in the limelight when she meets pop star Jonah Ford. Translation: There’s still a lot of story left to tell before Nashville takes its final bow.

Watch the latest trailer above.

Nashville returns Thursday, Jan. 4 on CMT.