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Grey's Anatomy boss likens fall finale to 'an edge-of-your-seat action movie'

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s fall finale will continue Grey Sloan’s disaster streak, just in digital form.

After a hacker infiltrates the hospital’s computer systems, chaos erupts as everything from their phones to patient files are corrupted, forcing the doctors to get creative in treating their patients while Bailey (Chandra Wilson) calls in the FBI for help.

“There’s a hacking at the hospital that is shockingly consequential,” Vernoff tells EW. “When Bill Harper pitched it in the writers’ room, my initial reaction was, ‘Isn’t the midseason finale usually a giant storm?’ and he was like, ‘It’s a giant storm, the consequences of what happens when a hospital gets hacked in this way.’ He pitched me these plot twists that were mind-blowing.”

The fall finale follows the powerful 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which was truly a love letter to fans as it paid homage to many of the familiar faces that used to grace the halls of Grey Sloan. “I can say that [episode] eight is as different from seven as you can imagine,” Vernoff notes. “Seven was a nostalgic, emotional, fun, funny throwback, and eight is an edge of your seat action movie, and it’s thrilling to watch.”

Grey’s Anatomy‘s fall finale will air Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.