Ariana Bacle
November 05, 2017 AT 12:32 AM EDT

Bernie’s back.

Last year, Larry David memorably became Bernie Sanders in a pre-taped sketch titled “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” and David-as-Sanders once again graced Saturday Night Live this weekend, this time in a Price Is Right spoof that also included a cameo from musical guest Miley Cyrus — and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

And fake Bernie was in full Bernie form: “The real problem in this country is American consumerism,” he said. “Who needs a washer? When I need to wash the one suit I own, I just wait until it rains, I stand outside for 15 minutes, and then I jog behind a bus until the exhaust dries me off.” That’s one way to do it.

When Bernie’s teammate Derrick (Pete Davidson) points out that he wants money, Sanders gives him a tip for how to make some dough without winning a game show. “Here’s what you do: When you go to a gas station, and you see the ‘take a penny, leave a penny,’ you always take a penny,” he advised. “That’s how I bought my first house.”

Watch the full sketch — which also includes Sanders saying, “We’re gonna win this thing the Bernie way, which means if I lose, I bring everyone else down with me” — above.

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