Derek Lawrence
November 02, 2017 AT 10:23 PM EDT

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Will & Grace.

R.I.P., Rosario Inés Consuelo Yolanda Salazar.

Karen Walker’s (Megan Mullally) beloved maid was laid to rest on Thursday’s episode of Will & Grace. Rosario (Shelley Morrison) hadn’t yet appeared in the revived NBC comedy’s ninth season, and when Karen went looking for her feisty sidekick, she discovered that Rosario was in the hospital, soon dying offscreen.

The end for Rosario was due to Morrison’s decision to retire from acting, but that didn’t stop fans from getting all the feels during the emotional half-hour. Mullally kicked things off earlier Thursday by posting a picture with her “fren” Morrison.

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