October 19, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT

When Nashville ended its fifth season, Juliette Barnes had achieved some sort of redemption when she came up with the plan that ultimately saved Highway 65, even if it meant sacrificing her own image to do so. And based on a first look at season 6, she might regret that decision. Either that, or there’s something new that’s causing her to yell at her own fans.

CMT announced that the show’s sixth season will premiere in January, and from the looks of the first promo, Will and Gunnar (and their new hair) could find themselves butting heads. And then there’s the fact that Jessie is still around, and based on the hug that ended season 5, could she take her friendship with Deacon to the next level?

We’ll find out come Thursdays in January. For now, you can watch the full promo above.

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