The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan says it's time to decimate

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The time for pussyfooting around is pretty much over. Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom have joined forces on The Walking Dead to take on Negan — and taking on does not really include the word “negotiation.” We’re past that.

That’s what we learned when speaking to Lauren Cohan at our recent EW Walking Dead cover shoot. We asked her what to expect from season 8 of the zombie drama. “Season 8 — oh my God, we’re going to see so much,” Cohan said. “I feel like you’re going to see the group recentered with a very definite plan to move forward. It’s a really difficult period, a lot of difficult decisions have to be made  — hard decisions. But there’s this giant plan that we’re rolling out, and that’s to really set up a new world. Because now we’re taking care of Negan and taking care of life so we can have one.”

According to Cohan, that means the stuff is about to hit the proverbial fan. “It’s really gnarly,” she said. “I mean, it’s war. We have all our different factions and communication pushing forward to try to get what we need. Tons of action this season. We saw everybody sort retreat and retract, and now we have the slingshot. We send our warriors outward and we formulate this plan, and then go out and decimate.”

Decimate on, Lauren Cohan! To see the woman who plays Maggie talk about the upcoming season 8, which premieres Oct. 22 on AMC, watch the video above. And for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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