Nick Romano
October 14, 2017 AT 10:43 AM EDT

Blake Lively came prepared for The Tonight Show‘s Dance Battle segment on Friday night against Jimmy Fallon, but she still walked away with a minor bruiser, thanks to something called the “Ballerina Who Keeps Dropping Marbles” dance.

Lively, seeing how Fallon wriggled all over the floor with “The Catching the Bouquet,” said, “That’s not really fair. I gotta do more ground work.” So, she leapt and pirouetted across the stage before dropping to the floor for more twirls. It was only afterwards the actress posted a photo of her banged up knee to Instagram.

“WATCH @fallontonight TONIGHT to see the new trailer premiere of [All I See Is You],” Lively wrote. “But mostly, to see how I banged up my (glittered) knee on air.” She added in a separate post filled with images from the night, “More things that happen tonight. And can’t be deleted from the internet, like ever.”

Watch her dance moves above.

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