Stranger Things board games are here just in time for season 2

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All hail Hasbro, because the company just revealed a set of Stranger Things-inspired board games for all of you kids who are too cool to go trick-or-treating on Halloween this year but secretly want to dress up as Eleven.

The board game company is releasing not one, not two, but three games inspired by the happenings in Hawkins, Indiana. Unfortunately, the jury’s still out on whether or not this is a Jumanji-type situation, but we’ll let you know if we get sucked into the Upside Down and/or the ’80s.


Among the bunch is a Stranger Things Ouija board that mirrors Joyce Byers’ creepy Christmas light wall and a Monopoly “Stranger Things Edition” where you too can get eaten by the Demogorgon next to the Harrington’s pool because your best friend ditched you for a boy named Steve.


Oh, and let’s not forget about this Eggo card game that seems to be like a more delicious version of UNO, where you play Eggo-shaped cards and send players to the Upside Down or summon the Demogorgon.


Season 2 of Stranger Things will be available for streaming on Netflix on Oct. 27.