Breanne L. Heldman
October 06, 2017 AT 11:13 AM EDT

With all the teases we’ve already been given about season 8 of The Walking Dead, saying “we’ve already won” feels a little premature. Still, there’s nothing wrong with Rick having a Coach Taylor moment and giving an inspirational speech to the Alexandrians — and possibly also the Hilltoppers and Kingdom dwellers — who are fighting Negan and the Saviors alongside him.

“The world is ours,” he declares with gravitas in a new teaser. “With everything we’ve beat, everything we’ve become. No matter what comes next, we’ve already won!”

Clear eyes, full hearts, Rick. But the “All Out War” battle’s going to be a bit tougher than such big declarations might imply.

“The first three episodes, I don’t think they take much of a breath,” Lennie James warned EW. “I mean, it just keeps going, and we settle down a little bit later, and it’s going to be brutal and there are going to be causalities. The battles aren’t always necessarily in the direction that is expected, and the consequences of those will be far-reaching.”

The Walking Dead season 8 premiere — which is also its milestone 100th episode — airs Sunday, Oct. 22 on AMC.

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