Stranger Things stars share their tips for surviving the Upside Down

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The stars from Stranger Things listed a few tips for surviving the Upside Down ahead of the release of the upcoming season, with Caleb McLaughlin advocating for both brains and brawn.

“Be smart. Think before you do,” he told EW. “Be Rambo. Get your bandana, your slingshot, and everything, and be prepared.”

Noah Schnapp got straight to the point with his survival tips, offering just 11 (pun not intended) words: “Stay confident. Always run away from the demogorgon. Never give up,” he said, pointing at the camera while dishing that last piece of advice.

Speaking of Eleven, not everyone had such words of wisdom. Millie Bobby Brown mulled over a few ideas in her head before coldly predicting a doomed future for anyone in the Upside Down.

“There are no tips. You’re screwed,” she said bluntly.

Watch the full clip above for more survival tips, and stream Stranger Things 2 on Netflix starting Oct. 27.