Jimmy Kimmel's son says goodbye to Graham-Cassidy bill

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With the Graham-Cassidy health care bill officially dead, Jimmy Kimmel expressed his — and his son’s — relief on social media.

“Thanks to all who stood up and spoke out,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live host tweeted, “from this happy guy and his less-fortunate friends #GoodbyeGrahamCassidy.” Kimmel attached a photo of his son, Billy, who was born with congenital heart disease. And Billy was all smiles.

The prospects for Graham-Cassidy — the GOP’s latest, rushed effort to repeal Obamacare — appeared extremely dim after Sen. John McCain announced his firm opposition on Friday. Susan Collins, who had already indicated she was a likely “no” vote as well, confirmed as much on Monday. With Rand Paul long firmly opposed, that left Republicans without the needed 50 votes. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell announced Graham-Cassidy’s death on Tuesday afternoon.

Kimmel has passionately spoken out against the bill on social media as well as his show. He called the bill’s drafter Bill Cassidy a “liar” for promising to only vote for a bill that protected pre-existing conditions coverage — experts who had time to weigh in on Graham-Cassidy determined those protections could not be guaranteed — and called McCain a “hero” for going against the wishes of Republican Party leadership.

“The Jimmy Kimmel Test,” popularized after Kimmel first spoke out against Obamacare repeal efforts in May, refers to federal protections in the Affordable Care Act that helped save Kimmel’s son. Since Donald Trump took office as president in January, Republicans in Congress have yet to put forward legislation that passes the test.