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The Good Place‘s D’Arcy Carden stopped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to share an issue very close to her heart: Americans with apostrophes in their names.

Yes, you read that correctly. Carden’s first name includes an apostrophe, and she often finds it misspelled and/or mispronounced by others. “Every day, thousands of people in this country live their lives with names that have apostrophes in them,” begins Carden. “They pretend they’re like everyone else, but deep down, they know that they’re different; they have a little slash in their names and a little pain in their hearts.”

Despite the pain, the actress is in good company — she reels off the names of other celebrities who are Apostrophe Americans including D’Angelo and Chris O’Donnell. She then goes on to compare removing the “little slash” in her name to Cindy Crawford getting her mole removed or David Letterman fixing the gap in his teeth. “My name’s not Duh-Arcy, it’s D’Arcy,” she says, adding, “Duh.”

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