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On Community, Danny Pudi’s Abed was famous for saying “six seasons and a movie.” Since the show already has six seasons, all it needs now is a movie — and Danny Pudi told EW it could happen.

Appearing in a Role Call segment he retitled “Pudi Call,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly: The Show that there is a very real possibility the movie will become a reality. “A movie is the last part of it. I believe we will do it, and I’m hopeful,” he said. “I don’t know when, but I think we’re talking about it. People are actually talking about it. I think there is an appetite, I don’t know if there will be in 10 years. Either way, I just want to do it because I want to see what everybody’s up to.”

Pudi also revisited some of his career highlights, including his first ever credit in a very brief appearance on The West Wing and playing Yale student Raj (“my family [was] super excited”) on Gilmore Girls. 

Additionally, he talked about his brief role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, saying “Chris Evans actually punched me in the scene. That scene didn’t make it, but I just always wanted to get punched by Captain America.”

Lastly, Pudi talked about his newest project, indie film The Tiger Hunter, in which he portrays a young Indian immigrant in the 1970s. Watch the video above to see Pudi discuss these roles and more.

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