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Natalie Abrams
September 18, 2017 AT 06:19 PM EDT

Grey’s Anatomy returns for its 14th season next week. Yes, seriously.

Ahead of the show’s debut, actress Camilla Luddington challenged her Twitter fans to create a Grey’s Anatomy-themed drinking game. Well, challenge accepted.

Take a sip every time…
-Someone says any medical jargon.
-You see blood.
-You see a destroyed section of the hospital from last season’s explosion.
-A surgery scene starts and you think, “I’ve been watching this for years, I can totally stomach a surgery scene!”… right before you cover your eyes with your hands.
-Andrew DeLuca and his sister Carina speak Italian.
-Two doctors kiss.
-You think, “Cristina would know what to do” — and then text your best friend that you love her in all her dark and twisty glory.
-A patient gets a scan.
-A doctor gets a page.
-Nathan is torn between Meredith and Megan.
-Owen brings up the war.
-Teddy reunites with a Grey Sloan doctor.

Take a shot of tequila if…
-One of the docs mentions Taylor Swift’s new single.
-Someone compares the new interns to the Fab Five.
-Webber gives a speech to the new interns.
-The patient of the week dies.
-Any of the doctors’ elusive kids get mentioned (but finish your drink if they actually appear!).
-Meredith takes a shot of tequila.
-DeLuca is still pining after Jo.
-Ben mentions firefighters.
-Arizona puts on her wheelie shoes again.

Finish your drink if…
-Someone sleeps with one of the new interns.
-There’s a 60-second dance party.
-Maggie and Jackson actually hook up.
-Jo’s abusive husband Paul shows up.
-Catherine Avery and Webber use an on-call room.
-The episode ends with a cover of a pop song.
-Alex and Meredith have a Very Serious/You’re My Person/BFFs conversation

Grey’s Anatomy returns with a two-hour premiere on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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