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Benedict Cumberbatch can make just about anything sound alluring, as shown when he sang about mashed potatoes during one of Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show games.

Chris Pratt, Melissa McCarthy, and Bryan Cranston have all played a variation of Sentence Sneak, a game where you try to slip words or phrases into a casual conversation, but Fallon suggested the¬†Doctor Strange star sing his final sentence. “It was late, I was cooking, and everything was going fine,” he began.

We already know Cumberbatch can sing from his performance of “Comfortably Numb” with David Gilmour.¬†Fallon was impressed, but not as impressed as he was when his guest showed him a water bottle magic trick — because, as we know, there are few more wowed by magic tricks than Fallon.

Cumberbatch pulled off the stunt for a Vanity Fair video last year, and he did it again. “I don’t want to be too near electronics in case it goes wrong,” he warned, but everything went off without a hitch. He even made the water he poured into the red solo cup vanish.

Strange who?

Watch clips of Cumberbatch on The Tonight Show above.

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