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Last Night on Late Night

Jennifer Lawrence shows Jimmy Fallon her new axe-throwing hobby

This is a ‘mother!’ of a challenge

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Jennifer Lawrence found a new hobby. Although, it seems like Jimmy Fallon might be a little better at it than she is.

The mother! star tried axe-throwing for the first time recently and felt confident enough to challenge Jimmy Fallon to a game of it on The Tonight Show Tuesday. Lawrence may be good at her Hunger Games trade, archery, but she didn’t get any of her throws to land.

Fallon, on the other hand, planted his axe right between the legs of the wooden target — where there’s “a lot of wood,” as he joked — and another straight through the head. It’s not every day that the late-night host will claim victory over his guests in one of his games, but J-Law lost by such a large margin.

It was an off-the-walls challenge for an off-the-walls movie. Lawrence will be seen in theaters, beginning this week, in Darren Aronofsky’s mother!, a film that has been purposefully kept under wraps aside from the basic logline: a couple’s life is upended when a mysterious man and woman come to stay at their house.

Critics have seen it and the word is… it’s bonkers.