September 01, 2017 at 01:58 PM EDT

Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before we get into Maven, what do you make of the attacks on Kevin — who has become a fan favorite — from the other houseguests?
JULIE CHEN: The attack on Kevin is just madness. Crazy. It just goes to show how paranoid and cutthroat people can get when there’s half a million on the line. Plus, you’ve been locked away for months from the outside world and surrounded by your competitors to boot!

How do you think Raven is going to do in that house without Matt?
I think Raven will either fade away into the background now that Matt is gone and be a little lost, or she will go the other direction and emerge as a real conniving player who is devious and manipulative. This is where we will finally see what she’s really made of… I hope!

Matt repeatedly broke the house rules as a Have Not — eating regular food, taking a hot shower, and sleeping in a normal bedroom — resulting in an extra penalty vote against him. What do you think about that type of behavior and is there anything else you all can do in the future to police such activity?
Matt, unlike anyone who has ever played Big Brother, actually WANTED to be evicted! So I think we keep our rule in place. What are the chances someone else will want to be kicked out? Probably slim to none.

Finally, we’ve now seen five showmance people eliminated in a row. Is this a cautionary tale to all future Big Brother contestants?
The heart wants what the heart wants. Or sometimes it’s just the libido. Either way, you can’t fight it. Future houseguests will most likely not see this season as a cautionary tale to NOT get in a showmance because everyone thinks they are different and special. Plus, we have seen one side of a showmance win in the past: Will (season 2),  Lisa (season 3), Rachel Reilly, Jordan, and last season’s Nicole. We all have egos, and if someone is stroking yours the right way, you will give in to a showmance. The question is: Can you balance it while playing the game?

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