Marc Snetiker
August 08, 2017 AT 02:58 PM EDT

Part of the fun of Will & Grace and its central foursome’s friendship was the dirty little fundamental truth that, at their core, Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen are all fairly self-centered people. But there’s love there, too, along with a potent blend of Manhattan neuroses, idiosyncratic routines, and career passions.

EW’s team of personality scientists have developed an empirically indisputable quiz that will tell you, definitively, whether your own persona skews more Will Truman, Grace Adler, Jack McFarland, or Karen Walker. (If you don’t already know you’re a Karen, you might be in for one hell of an awakening.)

And honey, if you haven’t already heard that Will & Grace is coming back for not one but two new seasons on NBC this fall, you’ve got a lot of news (and cocktails) to catch up on before September.

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