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Twin Peaks

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Good news, Twin Peaks fans: Audrey Horne is back! Weird news: She’s married to a guy named Charlie, loves a man named Billy, doesn’t like a woman named Tina, and somehow Chuck’s involved. But Audrey had a dream about Billy, and sometimes dreams harken a truth. And there was much truth harkening in the 12th episode of the revival season of Twin Peaks. Jeff Jensen’s full recap will go live tomorrow (UPDATE: Read the full recap here), and we’ll have a fresh Twin Peaks podcast for you tomorrow afternoon. For now, here are the key points:

Blue Rose Origins: Tammy Rising

Albert gave Tammy/us a pocket history of Gordon Cole’s Blue Rose Squad, birthed out of the demise of Project Bluebook with a mandate for hunting down troubling abstractions. (They called themselves “Blue Rose” because that was a phrase uttered by a dying woman attached to an early case; maybe she heard those words from Major Briggs’ floating head, somewhere in the space beyond time.)

They welcomed Tammy as an official member of their squad and also invited Diane to join up on a deputized basis. Diane, of course, is still in communication with the nefarious Mr. C, who is wondering when Gordon will ask about Las Vegas. Diane also looked up the coordinates found on Ruth Davenport’s arm. And the coordinates led to…Deer Meadow! Just kidding. They led to Twin Peaks!

Sarah Palmer and the Jerky

Widow of Leland, grieving mother of Laura, poor Sarah Palmer’s had a rough time in this life. At the market to purchase her regular supply of vodka and cigarettes, she spotted some Turkey Jerky and had a minor meltdown. Did it seem like she was a bit possessed? She talked to herself – “Sarah, stop doing that” – and even issued some commands, “Leave this place. Get the goddamn car key.”

Hawk paid Sarah a visit, and thought he heard something strange in her house. Sarah assured him it was just something in the kitchen. What could it be? Potentially baseless theory: Laura Palmer’s fallen through the walls of the Red Room and is now sharing space in her mom’s head, just as BOB once resided inside of her father.

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This Week in Hornes

Jerry ran out of the forest: Home at last? Ben received a visit from Sheriff Truman, who filled him in on the recent murderous antics of his grandson, leading Ben into a nostalgic reverie about his old green bike. And Audrey — AUDREY HORNE! — is married to a workaholic dude named Charlie (played by the great Clark Middleton). They had a long conversation about Billy — maybe the Billy who was being searched for at the Double R a few weeks ago? Maybe BILLY ZANE??? Billy’s wife Tina told Charlie some truly horrifying news. This whole story also involved a truck — I think the truck that Richard Horne was driving when he killed that kid? Maybe? Audrey!

The Roadhouse

Angela might be with Clark, but Clark’s also been hanging out with Mary, and Angela hates Mary, and somebody ran Trick off the road, and isn’t Trick under house arrest?

The Reaction Everyone Had to At Least Six Scenes in Tonight’s Episode

Check back on later for Jeff Jensen’s full recap. And don’t forget to listen to the new episode of A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks, which will arrive tomorrow afternoon!

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