July 22, 2017 at 06:49 PM EDT

The Delos Corporation has more narratives to offer — and so will Westworld in season 2.

According to the HBO drama’s co-showrunner Lisa Joy, the second season will expand on what viewers have already seen. “You’re going to see significantly more of the world next season,” she tells EW’s Kyle Anderson in EW’s Comic-Con studio, before adding that she and co-creator Jonathan Nolan have a long game in mind for the series, even if they’re hesitant to say exactly how many seasons they have planned. “The journey of these characters is something we always saw a real evolution to,” she says. “We do have markers that we’re shooting for and we kind of know where it’s going to end.”

For the cast, however, being a part of the time-twisty puzzle that is Westworld is enough. “It was a wild, emotional, amazing ride,” Evan Rachel Wood, who plays host Dolores, says. “It’s just thrilling non-stop.”

Watch the video above. Westworld is set to return to HBO in 2018.

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