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Christian Holub
July 21, 2017 AT 12:38 PM EDT

Last week’s revelation that Jodie Whittaker would play the latest Doctor was met with wide acclaim from fans of Doctor Who. And in a victory against the gender pay gap, BBC Director-General Tony Hall told the Evening Standard this week that Whittaker would be paid the same as her male predecessor, Peter Capaldi.

“Yes, there is parity for the same amount of work,” Hall said. “And I do think it is time for 13th Time Lord to be a woman. I watched my first Doctor Who in the ’60s, hiding behind the sofa. As a devoted Whovian, I’m incredibly excited.”

The Evening Standard reports that Capaldi made between £200,000 and £249,999 for the 2016-2017 year while starring on the show. Whittaker making that same amount is extra notable because the pay gap does persist in other aspects of the BBC: The network recently published the salaries of its top earners, revealing that the highest paid male presenter, Chris Evans, made nearly five times as much as the highest paid female presenter, Claudia Winkleman.

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