Dan Snierson
July 17, 2017 AT 05:26 PM EDT

Mark Hamill has been asked to joke around about a lot of Star Wars-related things over the years, but at Disney’s D23 convention over the weekend, Guillermo Rodriguez of Jimmy Kimmel Live fame was pretty sure that he broke new ground on that front.

Let us be clear: He had not, of course. It was a knock-knock joke that involved Darth Vader’s iconic revelation to Hamill’s Luke Skywalker (“I am your father,” which is not actually preceded by the word “Luke”), and Guillermo went so far as to ask Hamill, “Do you understand the joke?” Hamill’s response is perfect.

The segment airs tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which begins at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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