Ruth Kinane
July 11, 2017 AT 11:11 AM EDT

The cast and crew of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are filming season 3, and creator and star Rachel Bloom is here to share the whole experience with fans via her social media accounts.

On Monday, Bloom posted some snaps and retweeted costars — including Donna Lynne Champlin (Paula Proctor) and Gabrielle Ruiz (Valencia) — from the first day of shooting for the upcoming third season, set to premiere Oct. 13.

The photos hold a few clues about the new episodes — including the presence of a baby. Could it be the adopted child of White Josh and Darryl? Or is this little cutie a hint to how Rebecca and Josh possibly get back together yet again? Bloom did caption the pic: “If Rebecca and Josh had a baby, it might look like this little guy. Thanks to @jasonsnellman for letting us borrow him. The company of @cw_crazyxgf has a LOT of new bundles of joy this season. Stay tuned for more #baby #selfies. #TooCute #crazyexgirlfriend #WereBack #Season3 #cxg.” It could also just be from an imagined scenario — or perhaps there’ll be more than one new arrival.

See all the pics below.


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