Ariana Bacle
July 05, 2017 AT 11:14 AM EDT

What would Diplo do? That’s the question asked by the title of a new Viceland show about the DJ — and a new trailer for the series reveals the answer.

James Van Der Beek stars as Diplo in the comedy, executive-produced by Diplo himself. “It’s pretty deprecating,” the DJ previously told EW. “I didn’t want to take myself seriously, and I think in dance music, you really can’t. It’s such a silly world. So we thought if we could make it like an Eastbound & Down of DJs it would be really funny.”

He’s not kidding about the deprecating part: In the trailer, someone tells Van Der Beek-as-Diplo, “Sometimes I feel like your head is a little oven, but it only bakes bad ideas,” and someone else calls him an a—hole.

What Would Diplo Do? premieres on Viceland Aug. 3. Watch the trailer above.

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