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June 27, 2017 at 02:14 PM EDT

Halt and Catch Fire is searching for a connection in its final season.

On Tuesday, AMC released a new teaser for the fantastic techno-drama’s upcoming fourth season, which debuts August 19 with a two-hour premiere. As teased by a press release, the new season will follow the characters as they navigate the early days of the internet and ponder their professional and personal lives while “the competitive nature of the tech worlds continues to complicate and affect their relationships.”

“We’re building it together, and it’s awesome,” Gordon (Scoot McNairy) says in the short clip.

In addition to spotlighting Joe (Lee Pace), Cameron (Mackenzie Davis), Donna (Kerry Bishé), and John (Toby Huss), the new trailer also reveals a glimpse at Anna Chlumsky, who is guest-starring this season. The Veep actress is playing chief ontologist Dr. Katie Herman, apparently “a crucial role in this season’s central business ventures.”

“Six years ago, AMC bet on a passion project and the two untested young guys behind it. As a consequence, we’ve been allowed to take the creative journey of our lives and tell a story that, over four seasons, became something greater than the sum of its parts,” co-creators and executive producers Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers said in a statement. “At its core, Halt and Catch Fire has always been about how people who make things put themselves into the things they create. Alongside our exceptional cast, writing staff, producers, and network partners, we couldn’t be more excited to share these final 10 episodes of this beautiful thing we all made together.” 

Watch the teaser above, and check out the first photos from the new season below.

Bob Mahoney/AMC
Bob Mahoney/AMC
Tina Rowden/AMC
Erika Doss/AMC
Bob Mahoney/AMC

Halt and Catch Fire premieres August 19 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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