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June 27, 2017 AT 12:29 PM EDT

Following the recent scandal on Bachelor in Paradise, in which an incident between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios was investigated for possible sexual misconduct, Jackson opened up about the public’s immediate reaction to the news.

“The minute you release this black man’s face and this white girl’s face — before either of us commented on it, I was already a rapist. … a monkey, and she’s a whore, she’s a slut, and they were slut-shaming her because of what she did last season with Nick,” Jackson told E! in an interview, portions of which have been released over the last 24 hours. “For me, it was again, back to the human race. Like, we failed.”

In Jackson’s multi-part interview with E!, which aired its first part Monday night and continued Tuesday, he discussed the effect the story has had on his life and his family’s. “It was stressful,” he said. “For me, mostly for my mother. It’s hard to see your mom cry every single day.” He also detailed his version of the events that led to the investigation, claiming “things got wild” that night after a few drinks.

“It’s crazy because when you’re a man — mostly African American man — no matter where you’re at, you always look for things that can help you out,” Jackson said. “And at that moment, I made sure the cameras followed us. It just seemed too perfect in a sense for me, and at the point, that’s when my spidey senses got up.”

Noting that the producer who filed the complaint wasn’t present for the incident and is a friend of Olympios’, Jackson deemed the events a conspiracy.

”Cause it goes back to the very beginning when she came up to me, hopped in my arms, led me to the pool. By now, I’m realizing I got played,” he said, prompting him to be asked if it was by Corinne. “Not her. I just got played in general. I’m not sure by who. But I got played.”

The investigation has since concluded, and Warner Bros. said “the tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member.”

“Nor does the tape show, contrary to many press reports, that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy,” they continued in a lengthy statement. Olympios’ lawyer has said that his team will continue their investigation despite the production company’s findings.

Watch the clip of Jackson talking about being seen as a rapist, the producer’s complaint, and whether he’s upset with Olympios above and see more from the interview, and see more at E! News.

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