Nick Romano
June 23, 2017 AT 07:56 AM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel met a kid who wants to grow up to be like Donald Trump. The late-night host asked three groups of children about their thoughts on health care, in light of the GOP’s revised plan for the future of the Affordable Care Act, and one said, “Basically, I want to be a Trump guy.”

This is the same kid who claimed to have $100,000 stored in a space ship, and Kimmel posed him a question: “Let’s say you each had a bottle of water and I had no water and we were in a plane and I was very, very thirsty…” Two girls interrupted him to say they would share with him. As for the boy, he argued, if “her and her give you water,” then he wouldn’t have to.

“You are gonna be a President Trump,” Kimmel joked.

The host asked a different group of kids a more straightforward question about health care: “What if somebody who was poor is sick? Should people who have money help them to get better?”

“Of course, of course,” one boy said. Though, another shivered at the thought of forcing people to get shots.

The third group, meanwhile, played a game of musical chairs to see who would get kicked off their health care plan. “How come if I lose I don’t get health care?” a girl asked. “Well, that’s the question we’re all asking,” Kimmel replied.

Watch Kimmel talk health care with kids in the clip above.

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