Chancellor Agard
June 21, 2017 AT 01:41 PM EDT

When looking to cast a younger version of one of the main characters in season 5, Orange Is the New Black didn’t have to go far to find its actress.

In the season’s eighth episode, the show flashes back to Dayanara “Daya” Diaz’s (Dascha Polanco) teenage years, and the actress who plays 14-year-old Daya looks exactly like Polanco. As several fans noted on Twitter, the resemblance is so uncanny it would make you think that the show really lucked out in its talent search. Well, it turns out the two actresses look so much alike because young Daya was played by none other Polanco’s real-life daughter, Dasany Kristal Gonzalez.

Check out these photos below:


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Gonzalez isn’t the first cast family member to appear on the show. Laverne Cox’s twin brother M. Lamar played a pre-transitioning Sophia Burset in flashbacks in seasons 1 and 3.

The entire fifth season is currently available on Netflix.

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