Nick Romano
June 21, 2017 at 07:45 AM EDT

In the vein of the game show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? comes Jimmy Fallon‘s take with Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?

The late-night host took inspiration from the Smart Girls organization, spearheaded by his Tonight Show guest on Tuesday night, Amy Poehler, for this game. The celebrities faced off through rounds of trivia, which tackled topics like geography, grammar, U.S. history, and math. Serving as their respective lifelines were two young Smart Girls, Maya and Anaya.

The House star faced her fear of math, and she had Anaya in her corner to ensure her win. Fallon was in a similar boat when asked for the preposition of the sentence, “Questlove, Tarik, and James arrived for dinner.” Maya, who’s already cool because she loves to rap Hamilton songs in her spare time, wasn’t subtle about nudging him along.

Team Poehler ended up falling behind, but then won the day in the final round when they had to guess the number of bones in the human body. Fallon’s Price Is Right tactic of guessing one number higher than Poehler didn’t serve him well.

Poehler founded Smart Girls with Meredith Walker with the idea that kids’ imaginations and intelligence are more valued than “fitting in.” As the actress told Fallon, it’s about “supporting the wonderful curious young girl” and “encouraging [her] to be herself.”

Watch the game in the clip above.

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