June 19, 2017 at 12:03 PM EDT

Ever watched an episode of Game of Thrones and thought a dragon or direwolf would make a pretty cool pet? That’s still not a possibility, but naming a non-mythical pet after one of the show’s characters or creatures is becoming a growing trend.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has searched its database of over a million pet records to determine how many pet parents are naming their furry counterparts after the would-be rulers of Westeros. So which one takes the Iron Throne when it comes to pet names? Keeping it in the four-legged family, more than 5,400 parents have named their pets after the Stark family’s direwolves. Meanwhile, the remaining female Starks, Arya and Sansa, have 900 pets named after them, collectively.

It might not come as a massive shock that people are less inclined to name their beloved animals after the Lannister clan. Just 295 pets share names with the main members of the Lannister family, and of those 58 percent are called Tyrion. Jaime is the second most popular Lannister name, with Cersei, Tywin, Joffrey, and Tommen following behind. People have probably realized that calling out “Joffrey” in the dog park isn’t going to make their pooch many pals. 

With Game Of Thrones returning for season 7 on July 16, more pets are likely to take on names of popular Iron Throne chasers. While Jon isn’t the most novel of pet names and Daenerys is tricky to spell, perhaps there’ll be a feline Samwell or two out there, or a little pup named Bran? Our vote goes to Clubfoot Karl.

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