Christian Holub
June 16, 2017 AT 05:55 PM EDT

When last we saw the Donovan family, it seemed like they had finally figured things out. Although fixer Ray Donovan (Liev Schrieber) has clashed with family members like father Mickey (Jon Voight) before, they were all able to team up to beat Dmitri and the Russians, ending season 4 on top of the world. That feeling is mostly absent in the new trailer for season 5, which finds Ray once again immersed in problems. In addition to a mysterious incident that left his father and brother hospitalized (for which Ray doesn’t seem to have a ready explanation), Ray also has some new clients with problems of their own, like Susan Sarandon’s Samantha Winslow.

Samantha is the head of a movie studio, and she needs Ray’s help. She needs someone “discreet,” and offers that “whatever the fee is, I’ll pay it.” It seems like her problems revolve around star actress Natalie James (Lili Simmons), who’s causing “a f—ing problem” by walking off the set of her $3 billion franchise movie. When Ray notes that “she’s just a kid,” Samantha asks in response, “when you look at her, is she just a kid?”

Watch the trailer above. Season 5 of Ray DonovanĀ premieres Aug. 6 on Showtime.

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