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Last Night on Late Night

Lil Yachty salutes The Simpsons with epic rap on for Jimmy Fallon

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Lil Yachty proved he spits “more lines than Bart with chalk.” The 19-year-old Georgian hip-hop star delivered a rap on The Tonight Show Thursday that was dedicated to 59 characters from The Simpsons, from “Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart” to “Arnie Pye, Artie Ziff, and Disco Stu.”

“I’mma school you like Chalmers and Skinner, serving up steamed hams for dinner. I’m on fire, well, that’s a fallacy. It’s really Aurora Borealis, see?,” Yachty raps. “Burns got a bear and the bear is Bobo. Burns got goons, Crusher and Lowblow. Nothing beats stabbin’ folks with my hobo knife, bring back Sheriff Lobo!”

Fallon accompanied Yachty with visuals, while Questlove and The Roots handled backup. “I spit more lines than Maggie’s talked,” the rapper finished. “That’s 59 names with more to report, Bort. Until next time, ‘Eat my shorts!'”

Watch the three-minute rap in the video above.