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Kelly Ripa rocks a 'dad-bod' swimsuit complete with chest hair

You (and Ryan Seacrest) can’t unsee this

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No trend gets past Kelly Ripa — and that includes the “dad-bod” bathing suit!

On Thursday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, Ripa showed she’s down for any challenge by putting on a bathing suit designed to look like a naked man’s hairy (and undefined) chest.

Ripa strutted onto the stage wearing a robe over the viral one piece before whipping it off to reveal the hilarious ensemble. Keeping it somewhat appropriate, she had a towel wrapped around her waist to keep her, in her own words, “testicles” covered. This is morning TV, after all.

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When her freshly minted co-host Ryan Seacrest asked if it was comfortable, Ripa responded, “I gotta tell you, I may wear it under my clothes every day,” and scratched her belly for effect. As the credits rolled, Ripa turned around and revealed herself to Seacrest, who then fell down screaming.

Watch the instant Live classic above.