Nick Romano
June 14, 2017 AT 08:27 AM EDT

Benania is back. Laura Benanti reprised her impression of Melania Trump on The Late Show Tuesday night after the real first lady moved into the White House.

“I couldn’t be happier. See? These are my happy eyes,” Benanti’s Trump said. “It was so lonely in New York doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I called it my prison of freedom.”

Host Stephen Colbert, who compared President Trump to Jabba the Hutt over reports of his weight gain, asked why it took so long for Trump to reunite with her husband. Benania offered some reasons involving Barron Trump finishing school and waiting around for the Comcast guy. “You could look for an excuse,” she said, “but you will not find one.”

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Now that she’s in the White House, she’s eager to get started on her campaign promise, though Benania doesn’t quite remember what that was. “I cannot wait to start fighting…illiteracy?” she asked. Colbert reminded her it was cyber bullying. “Cyberbullying the illiterate! It’s so cruel,” she said.

Colbert reminded her it was cyber bullying. “Cyberbullying the illiterate! It’s so cruel,” she said.

Benania, poorly hiding her excitement over talks of impeachment, is already counting down the days until she’s no longer in the political spotlight. “We will be together in the White House for 1,315 days, 11 hours, 55 mins, and…20 seconds,” she said, glancing at the clock.

She does, though, have some calming words for the nation. “America took a vow and Donald Trump is our president, for better or worse, for richer or even richer, in sickness and in no healthcare, and we must honor that, no matter how often America fantasizes about being with [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau.”

Benania added, “You’ll find in your greatest moments of doubt, you can always drink. Make America grape again.”

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