Nick Romano
June 14, 2017 at 07:49 AM EDT

America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum’s got some talent of her own. In addition to being a supermodel and television personality, she can make the most odd-sounding dance moves look at least semi cool.

On The Tonight Show‘s latest Dance Battle with Jimmy Fallon, Klum began with the “Invisible Hula Hoop,” which sounds like it’s already a dance move, and followed up with “Speed Bowling.” Luckily, as she told Fallon, “I brought my bowling balls.”

Klum took center stage and plucked invisible balls off her chest and began a windmill motion with both arms. Fallon tried leading her off to the side when the music ended, but she shouted, “I’m not ready” as she turned to the side and began a different take on the dance move.

Fallon, meanwhile, began his rounds with “Fork In the Garbage Disposal.” If you know your memes, that’s already such a great dance move. The pair capped off the late-night challenge with a dance duet to “Eggs and Bacon.” Fallon became the eggs, Klum was the bacon.

Watch the Dance Battle in the clip above.

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