Nick Romano
June 10, 2017 AT 11:05 AM EDT

John Cena is the kind of guy who celebrates his 40th birthday by deadlifting more than 600 pounds — as opposed to what Jimmy Fallon suggested: relaxing on an island. “Bro, I’m John Cena,” the actor and WWE star reminded the late-night host on The Tonight Show Friday night. To further prove his muscle, Fallon asked Cena if he could deadlift a person and, to the delight of the audience, Cena could — and he demonstrated by deadlifting Fallon.

Cena came on The Tonight Show to promote American Grit, which returns this Sunday for season 2. “Sunday nights on Fox are gonna be a very inspirational ride,” he told Fallon before offering the host a lift. “Here’s the thing: You gotta think, ‘Stiff as a board, stiff as a board,'” Cena advised.

It was no challenge for someone who already pulled this off earlier in April.

“This is awkward,” Cena shouted amid audience applause. Watch the feat in the clip above.

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